Wellness and Therapy Retreats

As human beings in this world, we often give so much of ourselves to others. Sometimes the person who needs to be nourished most is the one we look at everyday in the mirror. You deserve to give yourself a life changing  experience of healing and rejuvenating your soul.

The offering of retreats can provide a form of deep healing appropriate and preferable for many clients. In the mist of our everyday lives, sometimes we truly need a vacation. However, like myself and many of those in our community, a vacation that facilitates deep reflection, growth, and rejuvenation can help us come back into our lives with more clarity, strength, and connection.  My expertise as an individual and group therapist, avid traveler, and experiential healer, teacher and trainer, it has become more and more evident to me that retreats can provide participants with what they are looking for.

Please contact me directly via email at kinichangmft@gmail.com if there are specific wellness and therapy retreats you would like to experience.


WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: The Healing Properties of CBD: Self healing through the Mind and Body Connection

This month’s Wellness Wednesday is focused on the healing properties of CBD and how to access it with ease. In addition, during this very difficult and challenging time, how can CBD be used for pain management, stress and anxiety management, insomnia, mood stabilization, inflammation reduction, and more.

Kini Chang, M.A., LMFT, Psychotherapist and Guest Noelle Gardner, Owner and Founder of Namaste Organic Medicinals and Flower + Thorne Botanicals are coming together to share wisdom and knowledge in their healing modalities. As you know the mind, body, and soul are interconnected and treating holistically means address all areas of who we are individually as well as collectively.

GIVEAWAY: Every participant who attends will get a discount code to use at Namaste Organics and be included to a RAFFLE for a CBD SELF CARE KIT!

During this offering, you will receive:
– Guided Mediation for clearing energy associated with Stress, Anxiety, and/or Fear
– Learn strategies on how to integrate plant medicine healing in self care regime
– Gain knowledge about our Endocannabinoid system and cannabis synergy.
– Recent trends and evidence for Endocannabinoid system as treatment for anxiety
– Sound Bath/Healing for cell rejuvenation
– Q &A Session

Kini Chang’s mission and purpose is to bring holistic sustainable self care and healing to all.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Join us every last Wednesday of the month for a themed Wellness Topic and new guest.

If you found the webinar beneficial and would like to support these offerings, a suggested donation of $20 can be Venmo @Kini-Chang.

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