DSC00274My expertise include:  I specialize in working with teens, couples, young adults, and families struggling with depression, anxiety, life transition, intergenerational struggles, historical and social trauma, and acculturation issues.

I specialize in addressing intergenerational familial trauma/wounding and historical trauma, and interracial couples. Trained in EMDR and Gottman. I also run wellness and therapy retreats throughout the year. I also provide informative podcasts, webinars, and courses on healthy living, emotional health and wellness.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing(EMDR) Therapy for trauma is focused therapeutic work for client’s who are interested in using this specific intervention or modality. In addition, I also offer training, workshops, and retreats to health care providers, adults, and other healing arts professionals. See Wellness Events and Therapy Retreats for more information.

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