Service Type / Fee

Individual Therapy (50 mins) $220

Family/Couples therapy (50/75mins) $220/$330

Group Therapy (75 mins)  $75 per person

Career Assessment & Coaching (Analysis Report & 4 sessions) $900

Workshops/Trainings (Half Day- 3 hours/Full Day-6 hours) $650/$1200

Pre-purchased Packages (50mins)

  • 3 session package                                $630
  • 5 session package                                $1000
  • 10 session package                              $1800

Change of fees effective 4/1/22


Missed session (except for emergency)  Full Fee

Bounced Check $30.00

Fees are due and payable at the time of each session. I accept cash, check, electronic payment with no fee, and credit cards and HSA cards can be accepted with an additional 2% service charge.

There are sliding scale slots available and can be discussed on a case to case basis. 

Your appointment time is a commitment and has been reserved for you. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation, except in the case of an emergency or you will be charged a missed session fee.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and my sincere hope is that clients understand the importance of keeping their appointments.


We do not accept assignment of benefits, nor do we participate in managed care insurance plans (HMOs and PPOs). However, I would be happy to assist in providin documentation for Out of Network reimbursements through your private company.  You are responsible for the full fee regardless of your insurance company’s reimbursement policies.

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